The Evolution - 50 Years of Black Hair

The Evolution - 50 Years of Black Hair

Towards the end of 2020, at MGH we explored the evolution of black hair over the last five decades.

 From the iconic political looks, supported in the western world fashion in the early 1970s, to the Braids looks which have consistently grown more Intricate and beautiful, travelling down memory lane has been both exciting and nostalgic.

The Evolution - 50 Years of Black Hair


Week one explored the 1970s and 1980s:

The Former, retold the story of the infamous Afro, followed by the Donna Summer bowler curls...

… Looks which captured how the classic 70s style really honed in on natural beauty and elegance.

1970s and 1980s Afro 

The latter, (the 1980s) brought an explosion of colour and life – A stark contrast from the sobriety of the 70s.

However, Janet Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg, brought an air of relaxed beauty and confidence in their melanin crowns...

Janet Jackson


We ushered week two in, with the much loved  ‘blonde mini l-Afro’ (showcased by Alfre Woodard). This was shortly followed by a Nubian queen shout out and a Janet Jackson encore (welcomed with both arms).


Our trip to the 00s, once again had us head-over-heels for the new hair flicks and artistic tricks, while simultaneously putting us in our feelings, as we relived the childlike excitement surrounding the “beaded braid”.


 As we circled back around to present day black hair trends and once again had our hearts stolen by the 1920s timeless classic Finger wave style, we were reminded of how (sometimes) predictable, the nature of fashion can be...


We were reminded of the unparalleled importance of ‘snatched’ edges and even more pressing, the preservation of them, when rocking our lace melt frontals and 360s!


All in all, this was a wonderful return journey back to the future; which not only helped us remember where we’ve come from (With respect to hair, fashion and beauty), but also reminded us that innovation never stops and that there is still so much to look forward to in melanin culture and cosmetics!


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Stay Blessed Queens In Crowns.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH the evolution in pictures!


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