Deep Curly Remy Human Hair Wig

“The ABCs of Hair Texture - Part One

A Lesson in Curls...

 “The ABCs of Hair Texture - Part One

Some of the Queens in Crowns will know all the different curl patterns like the back or their hand and others are still learning (and aren’t we all)...⠀

 But it’s important that you know what the different curl patterns look and feel like when deciding to switch up your look, so... here we go!⠀

The Tightest of the MGH Curl patterns is MGH DEEP CURLY (Shown in the image above) - whose coils are most similar to the loosened curls of 4A/4B Hair⠀

Next comes the MGH Jerry Curly - who’s curls fall a little looser than that of the deep curly, for a slightly lower maintenance “casual exotic” look.
The last of the Curlies, is the MGH Wavy Loose curl, which effectively does exactly what it says on the tin! Relaxed but still well defined curls to bring a pop of life and character! ⠀
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Stay Blessed and Stay Safe

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