Welcome to My Gem Hair

Welcome to My Gem Hair

Welcome to My Gem Hair

At the foundation of every great organization is a “why”- a motivating force that drives us as we prepare, labor, and build. As we’ve been busy developing our branding, building up our social media, putting together an online store etc., it is this “why” that has continually thrust us forward and also helped us stay true to the framework of how we perceive our product and (more importantly) how we perceive our core-demographic: women.

The truth is, every woman has intrinsic value that could never be added to or diminished by something as ephemeral as a fashion trend, a well-placed textile, or even the perfect hair. The truth is: She is a queen. The curve of her body can birth nations, can navigate the physical and the spiritual with the grace of a swan and the might of a lion. Her hair? That’s just her crowning glory.  Every queen needs her crown and every queen is worthy of a crown that sparkles as bright as she shines.

At My Gem Hair, it is our endeavor to crown the everyday woman by providing beautiful hair extensions for every woman. We realize that beauty is more than skin-deep (or in this case, hair-deep) but we also understand that how we look physically can have a strong effect on how we regard ourselves and the way we are treated by others (and often, how we treat ourselves). There is an extra little sway in the walk of a woman feeling fierce leaving the salon or rocking an outfit that accentuates all her best attributes. What better way to frame the masterpiece of the woman, than her hair.

We celebrate the beauty of the everyday woman- your sister, your mother, your neighbor, your friend.  We hold that every woman should be able to look and feel her very best, which is why we provide quality hair for a fraction of the price of other major hair extension companies. Join us in celebrating and crowning the everyday woman by sharing My Gem Hair with the queen in your life!

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